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A Brief History of Singapore Architects

Architectural Heritage and Culture – The architect Goh Kiong is a local who has been applauded for his contributions to Singapore’s architectural history. Others who are known to contribute to the development of Singapore are the likes of Lim Yew Hian, Wee Yean Een, and Wee Soon Kiat. A notable group of architects from Singapore is the likes of Ong Hui Lin, Wing Soon Tee, and Chin Woong. These architects form a prominent section of Singapore’s architectural history. ‘Visit these architects‘ go to the website and read more about Singapore Architects.

Architectural Heritage and Culture

Architectural Development and Modernization –  Singapore architectural design owes its success to the country’s excellent growth as well as a well-planned development strategy. A major factor behind the modernity of Singapore’s architecture is the influx of Western classical and European concepts and techniques. This can be seen in the structure of many buildings such as the Bras Basah area, and the Boat Quay and Clarke Quay area. In fact, the modern design of Singapore buildings have incorporated both European and Asian elements, giving a new dimension to the architectural heritage of Singapore.

Modern Architecture – Another interesting aspect of Singapore architecture is the wide variety of designs it has to offer, which range from the minimalist to the ultra-modern. There are, however, some areas where these architectural styles blend better than others. For instance, the island nation has a more “organic” approach when it comes to the architecture while others incorporate such methods as futurism. The Singaporean approach to design is highly distinctive and can be seen in places such as the Esplanade, the Marina Bay and the Central Business Districts.

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