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Why Do Dreams About Spiders Carry Such Frightful imagery?

Spiders in dreams: Is it just a dream? The majority of people would answer “no” to this question because the imagery associated with spiders is often very vivid. For example, a dream about webs may involve crawling across an intricately designed web. On the other hand, a dream about spiders that bite someone can mean that the dreamer has a fear of spiders – perhaps a phobia or some other type of concern about spiders. Either way, the imagery associated with these creatures can be startling and even frightening.

How to Know Why Do Dreams About Spiders Carry Such Frightful imagery?

In both waking life and in dreams, spiders carry symbolic meaning. In real life, they can represent being stuck in a situation that is causing stress or discomfort. In the symbolic language of the unconscious, however, they have the additional meaning attributed to them. In fact, in most instances, spiders in symbols are meant to symbolize dreams, since, in other cultures, spiders are associated with darkness and evil.

So why do dreams about spiders generally have such disturbing imagery? This may have a lot to do with the way we’ve been raised. Most people grew up with the belief that a dream about a spider is a warning that something terrible is going to happen in our waking life. It’s almost like the dream has warned us in advance about what is about to happen. However, if this isn’t the case, there could be much more to the dream than we first believe. A dream about a spider could actually mean that the dreamer has a phobia or other type of concern that he/she hasn’t been aware of – one that needs to be dealt with in waking life.

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