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French Lotto

The French lottery was first played in 1976 and has made 150 millionaires. Its high winning odds and variety of games have made it one of the most popular in Europe. There are several ways to play the lottery, including solo and with a group. The latter will require players to split the prize money. If no one wins, the remaining money will be split among the winning players in the following draw. It is also possible to combine the traditional lottery ticket with group tickets.

Little Known Ways To French Lotto

The lotto French has a minimum jackpot of EUR2 million and pays out tax-free lump sums. Three draws a week makes it the most popular lottery in France. With three draws a week, the French Lotto is able to gain momentum quickly. The French Lotto is drawn on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:20pm CET, and 00:50 am IST on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. This means the French lottery grows 50% faster than lottos that only have two draws a day.

Anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to play the French Lotto. The rules for playing are simple. You’ll need to fill out a lottery play slip. You can enter up to ten numbers in one draw. You can also enter the same numbers in consecutive draws, as long as they are the same. The lottery is open to everyone, including those who are not French citizens. If you’re looking for more information about the French Lotto, visit the official website and learn more about it.

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